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Calvin Coolidge Institute


“After careful consideration, we believe that Jon Kamerath is the best candidate to fulfill the duties as a Nevada State Senator.”

– Calvin Coolidge Institute

Chuck Muth

“As an unapologetic fiscal conservative, I enthusiastically endorse Jon Kamerath in the 2014 Senate District 8 race.  Jon has put his commitment to protecting the taxpayers of Nevada in writing by signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and is equally committed to limited, constitutional government.  I would sleep well at night knowing that Jon was watching out for my rights and my wallet in Carson City.”

– Chuck Muth, former Clark County Republican Party Chairman and former Nevada Republican Party Executive Director

Janine Hansen

2010 Conservative of the Year by Citizen Outreach and IAP National Committeewoman.

Kamau Bakari

Owner of Kemet Electric and IAP National Committeeman.

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